* Piper and Boomer -  Arrived July 26!

      Standards (42-50 pounds)

        All Red Litter

        Blue eye tris possible

* Gigi and Gino - July 21            Arrived 7/17!

      Medium to Large Minis (28-40 pounds)

        Could have all colors but expecting black and blue

        Blue eyes tris possible

* Bristol and Turbo - July 11      Arrived 7/8!

         Large Minis (38-45 pounds)

         Black bi/tri and Blue merles only

         Blue eyes expected on all puppies

July 2020 Litters!

Waiting List:

Glenn Mattingly - 3 mini size

Matthew Snyder - mini

Rebecca Blasband - Male Black tri or blue merle

Rachel Mechura - any

Maureen Donnelly

Mariam Pogosyan - Blue merle female

Lunde Family - male


* Brooke and Kai -       Arrived July 21!

     Medium to Large minis (25-40 pounds)

       Expecting All Colors

       Blue eye tris possible

Contact Us to be placed on a waiting list!


Red and Blue merles

either gender are $1200

Red and Black tris/bis

either gender

Brown eyes: $800

Blue eyes: $1000

* Pebbles and Boomer - July 6    Arrived 7/6!

      Standard Aussies (40-50 pounds)

        All Colors possible

Cedar Crest Aussies

                                            Australian Shepherds and Miniature Australian Shepherds