Cedar Crest Aussies

                                            Australian Shepherds and Miniature Australian Shepherds

Health Guarantee (Spay/Neuter)

This puppy is the product of two purebred registered  Australian Shepherd parents without any visible health problems, known hereditary conditions, or show faults & is guaranteed to be in good health & free from communicable disease at time of sale. 

We feel so strongly about NuVet Plus immune system builder that we offer an "additional" one year health guarantee, a total of 24 months, if you keep your puppy on NuVet supplements using the manufacture’s recommended dosage. NuVet will notify us when your order is placed.

Health guarantee does not cover any parasite, internal or external, as these are common treatable conditions in puppies & dogs. Third party sale makes this contract null & void as does evidence of abuse, neglect, or accident. Seller will not be responsible for injury or accident to puppy, or cost for repair, once he/she leaves our care. In addition, we make no guarantees on eye color, earset, size, working ability, or reproduction ability of puppy. Furthermore, puppies WILL require medical attention at some point during their lifetime. Do not make this purchase if you are not prepared to pay vet expenses as all vet expenses will be buyer responsibility from this point forward. Do not make this purchase if you believe this puppy is not in good health at time of sale. Buyer has been informed that puppy has recently been de-wormed & worms may be present in the stools as wormer is designed to rid the intestinal tract of parasites. Buyer should also be aware that vaccinated puppies are still susceptible to contagious disease though every effort has been made to prevent this unfortunate occurrence.

I am a responsible pet owner & have chosen to purchase this puppy with the intention to spay or neuter at the earliest possible age allowed by my vet. I agree that this practice will aid in the prevention of unwanted behavior & reproduction of animals. I understand that this puppy is being placed with registration paperwork marked “Not For Breeding”.

No other guarantees expressed or implied. This contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of Kansas. In the event of any dispute, it is agreed the place of venue shall be Logan county, Kansas.

Buyer is responsible for continuing puppy vaccination & de-worming schedule provided by breeder at time of sale, flea & tick control, adequate QUALITY nutrition, fresh cool drinking water, a warm/dry place to sleep, a fenced area for regular exercise & bathroom needs, & lots of love.

We hope we made your buying experience enjoyable, convenient, & professional.

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Seller Information: Cedar Crest Aussies

Jessie and Brent Holzmeister

814 E. 5th St.

Oakley, KS 67748

785-953-7048 (Jessie)
785-953-7049 (Brent)