Cedar Crest Aussies

                                            Australian Shepherds and Miniature Australian Shepherds

Shipping is CURRENTLY being contemplated.

Denver International Airport is still not accepting pets be shipped on the weekends so it will have to be during the week. There can be weather stipulations with the airlines available to us right now which are American and Alaska.

HOWEVER... we can meet you at Denver International airport or a flight nanny of your choice with a puppy on the weekend. 

We have been very happy with United Petsafe program for shipping both puppies and adults.  The cargo area where they ride is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer so they are able to ship year round! (HOPING FOR THEM TO BEGIN SHIPPING OUT OF DIA SOON!)

Shipping prices on puppies right now is $400. We can ship 2 puppies going to the same destination for $415.  The price includes the airfare, crate, and veterinary certificate.

Adults and older puppies can be shipped as well but price depends on weight and size.

What to expect:
We fly puppies out of Denver International Airport and we can often get direct flights and into many airports (but not all).  Puppies have to arrive 2 hours early for their flight and are often available to be picked up 30 minutes after arrival. 

They are not able to to have food in their crate but are given ice and/or water during the trip. Shredded paper is placed in the crate in case of accidents or flight illness.  They are fed about 2 hours before signing in.  There is food attached to the crate and can be offered to them after pick up.

If puppy doesn't seem interested in eating that evening, that can be normal and yogurt is a good replacement for the first evening (anything with probiotics).