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Preparing for a Puppy

Perhaps you are trying to decide if you are ready for a puppy or you have already decided to bring home a puppy (CONGRATULATIONS!) and are now preparing for his or her arrival.  Here are a few things to consider.

 Basic puppy care will include:

    * Nu Vet Plus tablets (www.nuvet.com/11107)
    * Nutri Source Chicken and Brown Rice for Puppies
    * A crate or wire kennel
    * Safe puppy toys (i.e. rubber ball, squeaky toys, tennis balls)
    * Collar
    * Leash
    * Nonbreakable water and food bowls
    * Grooming brush
    * Nail clippers
    * Tearless baby shampoo
    * Clean up materials
    * Basic first aid kit
    * If kept indoors you may want to invest in a baby gate and carpet and stain cleaner

Bringing a new puppy home is like bringing a toddler home.  Make sure that your home is puppy proofed.  Pick up any small objects that the puppy may eat and not be able to pass.  Keep poisons out of reach (the garage is often a place where fertilizer and other dangerous chemicals are kept if eaten).

Puppies will chew on anything they can.  This does not make them naughty, it is crucial that they have something to chew on especially when teething.  Frozen carrots are fun for them and bones (not rawhides) are great.  I pick them up from my local locker and freeze them.  Make sure that they are raw and the femurs are wonderful, have them cut into 8" in length pieces.  Meat left on the bone is great and the marrow is good for them.
What to expect the first couple of nights

The best time to bring home a puppy is in the beginning of a weekend.  This will give everyone time to get acquainted.

The first night away from siblings and mom can be difficult for you and the new puppy.  Expect crying, barking, and howling when put down for the evening.  Make sure his or her crate is comfortable and you may play soft music, a quite ticking clock, and a toy that smells like mom and siblings in with the puppy to help calm them. (also see crate training in Q and A)