CedarCrest Skipping Rocks

AKA Roxie

AKC Australian Shepherd

16" and 38 pounds

Daughter of Dixie and Romeo

July 11, 2016

Aussie Panel Clear by parentage

Our Ladies

CedarCrest Enchanting Clown Gigi

ASDR Blue Merle

14.5" 30#

Daughter of Daisy and Wiz

OFA Prelim: Fair

Parents clear of HC, PRCD, MDR1, and CEA

Full panel will be ran prior to breeding

Cedar Crest Spring in the Fall ( aka Spring)

Daughter of Gretchen and Jackson

16" and 35 pounds

October 3, 2015

ASDR Registered

OFA: Good

HC: Clear by Parentage

PRCD: Clear by Parentage

Cedar Crest Ready, Set, Go!

AKA Ready

AKC Registered

16" Black Bi

Daughter of Dottie and Turbo

Clear Aussie Panel

Cedar Crest's Jaycee (aka JC)

Daughter of Romeo and Suzie

D.O.B. Oct 8, 2015

17.5" Black tri with 1 blue eye

HC: clear by parentage

PRCD: Clear by parentage

OFA: Excellent

Cedar Crest Pied Piper

AKA Piper

D.O.B. 4/18/2018

AKC Australian Shepherd

Daughter of Wiz and Elsa

17" - 40#

OFA: Good

Parents are both clear for


Cedar Crest Laced Bi Aliya
Aka Lacie

18" AKC Australian Shepherd
Blue merle with no copper points
45 pounds
PRCD: Clear by parentage
HC: Clear by parentage
MDR1: Clear by Parentage
CEA: n/n (clear)
OFA Prelim: Good

Daughter of Ivy and Dexter

Cedar Crest Aussies

                                            Australian Shepherds and Miniature Australian Shepherds

Cedar Crest Bristol

(AKA  Bristol)

ASDR Registered

18" and 45 pounds - Standard

Daughter of Beetle and Kai

HC; Clear

MDR1: Clear

PRA: Clear

Schafferts Blue Jean Cowgirl

AKA Jeanie

D.O.B. 10/13/2015

ASDR Black Tri Female 2 blue eyes

16" - 30#

CEA: Clear

CD: Clear

DM: Clear

HC: Clear

PRCD: Clear

MDR1: Clear

Cedar Crest Rookie

aka Adaline

Date of Birth: 7-7-2019

Daughter of Brooke and Kai

15" Red Tri with 2 blue eyes

Cedar Crest Ellie Mae

(AKA Ellie)

Daughter of Bambi and Kai


15" Black Tri Female 2 blue eyes

Schaffert's Southern Belle @ CedarCrest

aka Hadley

16" Blue merle

30 pounds

ASDR Registered

Cedar Crest Beetle

aka Beetle

Daughter of Cricket and Dexter

16" Black Tri Female

32 pounds

ASDR Registered

HC: Clear by parentage

MDR1: Clear by parentage

OFA: Good

Cedar Crest Iced Latte

aka Latte

Daughter of Wiz and Carlie

14.5" and 25 pounds Red Merle

ASDR Registered

OFA: pending results

Aussie Panel clear by parentage

Cedar Crest Ringing in the Fall

(AKA Bella)

Daughter of Gretchen and Jackson

D.O.B. 10/3/2015

16.5" Red Merle Female

OFA Prelims (8/16): Good

CEA, CD, DM, HC, MDR1, and 4 other markers

all Normal (clear)