CedarCrest Enchanting Clown Gigi

ASDR Blue Merle

14.5" 30#

Daughter of Daisy and Wiz

OFA Prelim: Fair

Parents clear of HC, PRCD, MDR1, and CEA

Full panel will be ran prior to breeding

Schaffert's Southern Belle @ CedarCrest

aka Hadley

16" Blue merle

30 pounds

ASDR Registered

Cedar Crest Spring in the Fall ( aka Spring)

Daughter of Gretchen and Jackson

16" and 35 pounds

October 3, 2015

ASDR Registered

OFA: Good

HC: Clear by Parentage

PRCD: Clear by Parentage

Holzmeister's Singing After Midnight
aka Cricket


D.O.B. 7/3/11
Prcd: Normal/Clear
HC: n/n - Clear by parentage
MDR1: Clear by parentage 
OFA: Good
Daughter of Maddy and Nate

Cedar Crest's Jaycee (aka JC)

Daughter of Romeo and Suzie

D.O.B. Oct 8, 2015

17.5" Black tri with 1 blue eye

HC: clear by parentage

PRCD: Clear by parentage

OFA: Excellent

Available    $2500

Cedar Crest Beetle

aka Beetle

Daughter of Cricket and Dexter

16" Black Tri Female

32 pounds

ASDR Registered

HC: Clear by parentage

MDR1: Clear by parentage

OFA: Good

Cedar Crest Throwing Rocks

AKA Pebbles

D.O.B. 9/13/2014

AKC Australian Shepherd

Daughter of Dottie and Romeo

17" - 40#

OFA: Good

Parents are both clear for


Cedar Crest Laced Bi Aliya
Aka Lacie

18" AKC Australian Shepherd
Blue merle with no copper points
45 pounds
PRCD: Clear by parentage
HC: Clear by parentage
MDR1: Clear by Parentage
CEA: n/n (clear)
OFA Prelim: Good

Daughter of Ivy and Dexter

Cedar Crest Ringing in the Fall

(AKA Bella)

Daughter of Gretchen and Jackson

D.O.B. 10/3/2015

16.5" Red Merle Female

OFA Prelims (8/16): Good

CEA, CD, DM, HC, MDR1, and 4 other markers

all Normal (clear)

Cedar Crest Dare to Ryde

(AKA  Addy)

ASDR Registered

18" and 45 pounds - Standard

Daughter of Dare and Ryder

OFA: Prelims Good

HC; Clear

MDR1: Clear

PRA: Clear

DM: Carrier

All 6 other markers tested: Clear

Timberline's First Flying Mate at CedarCrest
AKA Sophie                                    

July, 25, 2014

AKC Australian Shepherd  15"

OFA: Good

CEA: Clear

CD: Clear

DM: Clear

HC: Clear

MDR1: Clear


Cedar Crest Lil Doe

(AKA Bambi)

Daughter of Nate and Carlie

D.O.B. December 14, 2015

14" Black Tri Female

HC, PRCD, MDR1, CEA, and 4 markers clear

or normal. Carrier for DM.

Cedar Crest Brookside (aka Brooke)

D.O.B. August 25, 2012

14 inches

Daughter of Dottie and Ricochet

PRCD: n/n Clear by parentage
HC: n/n Clear by parentage
MDR1: n/n Clear by parentage
OFA hips: Good

Our Ladies

Cedar Crest Aussies

                                            Australian Shepherds and Miniature Australian Shepherds

Schafferts Blue Jean Cowgirl

AKA Jeanie

D.O.B. 10/13/2015

ASDR Black Tri Female 2 blue eyes

16" - 30#

CEA: Clear

CD: Clear

DM: Clear

HC: Clear

PRCD: Clear

MDR1: Clear

CedarCrest Down Home Girl

AKA Dixie

AKC Australian Shepherd

16" and 38 pounds

Daughter of Dottie and Dexter

March 19, 2015

OFA: Good