Cedar Crest Aussies

                                            Australian Shepherds and Miniature Australian Shepherds

Tuffy is a black bi male with 2 blue eyes. He has completed all of his puppy vaccines and was nuetered in August and has completely healed, ready to go! Loves to play fetch and is affectionate. Uses a dog door and is a gentleman in the house. Full Size, mature in the #50-55 range. $600

Available older puppies and Adult

Bomber is a beautiful black bi male with 2 blue eyes. He is the son of Macey and Turbo and has proven to be a fun and happy puppy, just like we expected.  He plays really well with the adults and really enjoys playing with the puppies and is very gentle with them.  Born 12/31/2018 Picture is outdated as he has only gotten better looking. He is ready to come home whenever you are ready to have him!  $600

Black Tri Male #1   Moose                                       $600
Born February 3, 2019

Sweet Moose does fantastic in the house and loves his crate.  He is working on car illness and he needs a little time to adjust but will make a wonderful pet.  He has already been nuetered and is ready to go home.