Cedar Crest Aussies

                                            Australian Shepherds and Miniature Australian Shepherds

Red Merle Male                           Congratulations Troy!

Red Merle Female #1                                     Congrats Lauren!

Red Bi Male (no copper, minimal white)      On Hold for Scmitdts!

Lacie and Boomer

welcomed 12 puppies

March 16, 2020

AKC Registered

Expected to mature between 17"-20"

Red Bi Female #1 (no copper, dark red color)      Congrats Metzger Family!

Black Bi Male #2   (no copper)             Congrats Mark and Elsie!

Red Merle #3                               Staying here! :) 

Red Merle #2                        Congrats Colleen!

Black Bi Male #3 (no copper, minimal white)     Congrats Randy

Red Bi Female #2 (no copper, dark liver in color)            Congrats Alexa!

Black Bi Female (No copper, minimal white)                   Congrats Dulaney Family!

Black Tri Male #4                                            Congrats Montgomery Family!

Black Bi Male #1    (No copper)           Congrats Emily!