Cedar Crest Aussies

                                            Australian Shepherds and Miniature Australian Shepherds

Cedar Crest Mini Aussies are located in beautiful northwest Kansas.   We also bring puppies to Denver and Littleton Colorado to meet families so free delivery is available (we are always looking for an excuse to go see our parents! ).

In 2008 we fell in love with the breed and the rest is history!  We are a very active family with our dogs and other activities. 

We enjoy keeping in touch with families that have taken one of our puppies as part of their families. These dogs are exceptionally smart and more affectionate than most making them perfect dogs in our opinions.  They love rides in the pick up and going down the trail with us horseback. Our dogs also love to just lay around and just be with us.  For all of those reasons we are selective on the homes that they are placed in. 

We are not a hobby breeder, we are professional breeders (not to be confused with commercial).  We have decided to invest time, tears, effort, and expense in producing and investing in healthy bloodlines.  We strive to produce healthy, well tempered, true to breed standard, happy puppies.  We also strive to attend any educational seminars or clinics and keep educated in vaccinations and testing.  We try to be very available to answer questions and find the best puppy match for you.

Due to Bio-Security purposes we are no longer accepting visitors currently.  We have always had an open door kennel but it is too much for our new moms and though it would never be intentional, visitors can carry in disease that would compromise young puppies immune systems.  You are welcome to stop by of coarse, but we are just limiting traffic into the kennel building.


We are Brent and Jessie Holzmeister and look forward to visiting with you!

The Socializing Team!